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  • Duration: 150 min

    Price: €210

    Wine spa beauty cure

    A luxurious head-to-toe experience. It includes the Flashoptimauva facial treatment, peeling and body wrap and a relaxing massage with grape seed oil.

  • Duration: 75 min

    Price: €135

    A world of chocolate

    This deliciously exfoliating body wrap with chocolate ends with a relaxing cocoa oil massage.

Body treatments

  • Duration: 25 min

    Price: €55

    Peeling with grape seed

    The natural exfoliating properties of grape seed remove impurities and give skin a soft, velvety appearance.

  • Duration: 25 min

    Price: €55

    Gran Reserva elixir of youth

    A pleasant and warm red-wine body wrap that helps you relax while deeply moisturizing and softening skin.

  • Duration: 50 min

    Price: €80

    Manual lymphatique drainage

    This relaxing massage frees toxins to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, extremely effective in combating fluid retention and the feeling of tired legs.

Tractaments facials

  • Duration: 50 min

    Price: €65

    Óptimauva flash

    Deep-cleansing facial with wine polyphenols.

  • Duration: 50 min

    Price: 65€

    Facial for men

    This cleansing facial designed for men deeply cleans skin and helps improve shaving.

  • Duration: 80 min

    Price: €105

    Total lifting facial

    Based on grape polyphenols, which activate collagen to smooth lines and wrinkles, this facial lifts and tightens skin while deeply relaxing the musculature of the face and head.

Body massages

  • Duration: 40 min

    Price: €110


    Exceptional massage performed by two therapists who use soft, synchronized movements for deep relaxation and a feeling of head-to-toe wellbeing.

  • Duration: 50 min

    Price: €80

    Grape skin

    Nourishing and rejuvenating massage ideal for dehydrated, sensitive skin.

  • Duration: 50 min

    Price: €80


    Reinvigorating and revitalizing massage ideal for relieving muscle tension pre-and post-exercise.

  • Duration: 50 min

    Price: €80


    Soft, relaxing massage. One of the best ways to relax and unwind, this effective massage relieves stress and restores inner peace.

  • Duration: 50 min

    Price: €90


    Deep massage that unblocks areas of tension, using pressure and stretching techniques to relieve aching muscles.

  • Duration: 80 min

    Price: €110

    Body and head

    Massage that stimulates all the senses, reducing stress and accumulated tension for full body relaxation.